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leavin’ in a week!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

a spider just fell off my ceiling and onto my mattress so obviously i can never sleep in my bed ever again.

for my birthday this year, we went for a hike and picnicked in the forest.

halfway lake provincial park
sudbury, on

things that are important to us

things that are important to us

Hey Rosetta! - 'Second Sight' (album stream) • Music / Video •

one of my favourite bands and their long awaited new album.

Monday, October 13, 2014

iceland feels like it was forever ago, but in lieu of another round of traveling at the end of this month, here’s a set of portraits my friend genny lui took of me, sitting in the centre of things.

a collection of Instagrams from thanksgiving weekend, mostly of my dog.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

so i’m traveling a whole bunch at the end of this month and into the beginning of december. a good chunk of time will be spent hanging around airports, and as much as i love my friends, i’m going to need some reading material. 

here’s a two parter. 

do you have book recommendations, if yes please tell.

secondly, since we’ll be backpacking and all i’m traveling with is a 48L camping pack, do people recommend e-readers? can i just use my ipad? should i bite the bullet and bring two carefully considered novels and continue to delay the move to electronic books? something about them just rubs me the wrong way…



okay we need to have a discussion if someone doesn’t want you touching them or touching you with things and they tell you STOP that means fucking stop.

do not invade people’s personal spaces and do not overstep your boundaries if someone wants you not to be…

I swear I just had this conversation today.

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