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today someone told me that black and white live music photos are boring to look at. someone said you can’t get a sense of the atmosphere of a concert in a black and white photo. that shooting concerts in black and white is a “crutch”. implying laziness.

maybe that means i’m a lazy shooter. maybe my photos don’t convey emotion or atmosphere or energy when i thought they did. maybe i’m shooting myself in the foot by being attracted to monochromatic images. i always felt that colour in live music photography was distracting, and when you stripped away all that distraction, what you were left with was just the essence of that moment. people get caught up in all those pretty lights and hide behind those things. for me, shooting black and white is a way of not offering the option of distraction - if that makes sense. i dont want the focus to be on the lighting that night, or how the stage was dressed. just show me the essence of the show - thats the performer, thats the audience, that’s the moment you’re hopefully trying to capture. and i feel if you’re successful in those things, whether the image is monochromatic or not shouldn’t matter.